Precast Concrete, A Revolution!


Precast Concrete

From the name itself and in contrast to Standard Concrete, a Precast Concrete is the concrete or a construction material that is casted in reusable forms or moulds and cured under controlled environment prior to installation. The process is majorly offsite and finished products are then moved to the site for installation.

Now-a-days from this precast concrete there are wide range of products that can be produced. Some of them to name are Panels, Partition Walls, Ready Made Compound Walls, Parking Tiles, Kerb Stones, Elevation Tiles/Facades, Pavers, Benches, Bridges, Tunnels, Ready Made Rooms and so on. Almost all the standard concrete products are being replaced.

Revolution of Precast Concrete

As we say standard concrete is being replaced by precast concrete, the main reason can be because of its quality stats.

Time Saving – Unlike the standard concrete products these products can be produced in a factory and then moved to the construction site in time which saves not only construction time but also safer.

Safety – As said above it is safe to use and protects from environmental disasters.

Durability – It is highly durable when compared, because of its additive nature.

Environment Friendly –When these products are used indoors, they protect us from bacteria and insects as they are rigid throughout and don’t need any extra chemical treatments.

Affordable – As the Cement and Sand prices are decided by syndicates and their prices touch the sky, these products can be affordable as they are produced in bulk.

Colors – Precast Concrete products are colored at the stage of production itself; any color and color combinations are possible. So don’t need to color after installation and these colors last long.

Size, Shape and Designs – As these products are casted in a reusable forms or moulds and cured there are wide range of designs available in the market with different sizes, shapes and colors. A customer can even get customized colors or designs if required.

Weather Comfortable – As the climatic conditions are changing day by day and getting severe, these products when used indoors can withstand room temperature.

Sound Proof – Precast Concrete has acoustic properties and absorbs sound.

Like this there are many positive factors to take into consideration. To mention it the future is Precast Concrete and it is of no surprise if a whole Ready Made Building can be erected with this technology. Thus Precast Concrete and its products are suggestible for your Interiors and Exteriors.

Watch this space to know more about Precast Concrete Products and their range.

Thank You.