Exterior Precast Concrete Products

Exterior Precast Concrete Products:

In our previous blog post we discussed about Precast Concrete, in continuation to that let’s discuss about Precast Concrete Products. As said many Interior and Exterior products can be produced from Precast Concrete. We are sharing information about major types of Exterior Precast Concrete Products that are produced and used.


Now-a-days these Parking Areas are filled up with wide range of tiles, as standard methods of rough concrete floors are vanishing. There are many designs, shapes and colors in this regard and even they can be customizable. Be it Residential or Commercial they are adapting these tiles for parking areas. Also used for pathways, walkways. The standard sizes are 1feet * 1feet; 1.5 feet * 1.5 feet and so on with a thickness of 25mm – 30mm.

Must haves for these Parking Tiles are Anti Skid, Strength and Water Absorption properties. Consider these 3 properties majorly when you are about to buy them.


Pavers are other form of Parking Tiles which varies in Size. That is majorly the thickness varies and is double the thickness of Parking Tiles. Commercial areas and heavy load areas prefer these Pavers. The thickness of pavers is 50mm and above. Available in many designs, shapes and colors. This is a Landscaping product used for pathways, parks, lawns, loading bays and so on.



These are also known as Elevation Tiles. Mainly used for elevation wall cladding. Unlike the above parking tiles and pavers, their thickness is 8mm – 15mm maximum. Because as said they are used for cladding upon the walls, if the thickness is more the weight puts on and there are chances of falling down. The creativeness in these is the designs and colors. Available in wide range of designs, sizes and colors.


Kerb Stones are the dividers or path makers for roads, highways and expressways. Generally these are produced in Cement/Grey color and then painted with Black and White Colors. The Thickness of kerb stones starts from 100mm and some customized below 100mm thick kerb stones can also be produced.



This is the new sensation in Precast Concrete Products. These are the walls made up of Precast Panels and then erected at 6 feet to 10 feet height and more, depending upon customer’s requirement. These compound walls are available readily thus saving the construction time, than that of standard concrete walls. The Thickness of these walls starts from 40mm. There are many designs, sizes and colors available in the market.


Some manufacturers are producing them in standard cement/grey color and then white washing after the erection at the site. Coming to the design, majority of the manufacturers are producing single sided design and for double sided design it may cost more, than that of normal single sided designs. Please note that the unit of measurement for these walls is in RFT (Running FeeT), as the height of these walls is taken into consideration.

The above discussed are some of the Exterior Precast Concrete Products. Along with them there are many other exterior products that can be produced from this Precast Concrete Technology like concrete benches in public areas, tree guards, manhole (drainage hole) covers, readymade panels for different purposes, even readymade rooms can be built with this panels and so on.

Hope the above information upon Exterior Precast Concrete Products is helpful and watch this space for Interior Precast Concrete Products soon.

Thank You.