TV Walls | DIY Tips


Are your TV Walls in the hall/bedroom looking plain and dull?

Our walls behind the Television/Home Theatre in hall area or bed rooms are generally left idle which looks dull. Now-a-days the designers are giving simple wooden frames/cabinets to these walls.

DIY TIP here is that we can paint the walls with amazing designs and also even the wall papers can do the job. Because if a TV Wall at Hall area is given some extra treatment other than keeping it simple and plain, the guests who walked in gets a wow feeling instantly. Try to synchronize this wall designs/colors with your interior hall design/colors.


Image Source: Decoholic

For a TV Wall in your Bed Room, try to decorate it creatively. Don’t try to dominate this particular wall area in this room, just go with the flow of Bed Room interiors and colors.


Image Source: Decoholic

We believe that everyone loves their home/house and have their own methods to decorate. Hope this is useful and it’s only an idea/tip to give a kick start to your creative minds and from here you can take it and make your TV Walls livelier.

Thank You.