Child Play Room/Area | DIY Tips


A Play Room/Area for your child is really necessary?

Our home is a place where we feel comfortable in many aspects, likewise our children also do. When we are about to, rent a home/apartment; buy a home/apartment, we look for no. of necessary rooms that are required to live in.

DIY TIP, Try to have a play room/area for your child from now on and yes it is worth to have one within your home.

If there exists no extra rooms in the house/apartment you are living in, don’t worry. Try to partition any of the existing rooms and make it as your child’s play area. An area of minimum 100-150 SFT is more than enough for your child to play comfortably.


Also please make sure this particular play area is well carpeted, on floors, which are skid resistant. There are varieties of wall paper designs available in the market, as per your child’s interest you can get them and stick to the walls, ceilings and wherever you feel like. Just keep this play room/area livelier for your child and avoid any sort of harmful objects near this play room/area.