Renovate/Decorate your stairs/steps, simply! A duplex concept or a villa is definitely a dream house/home for everyone. There exists interior stairs/steps for these types of houses. If your existing stairs are looking old, you can renovate/decorate them with this simple tip. DIY TIP, Decorate your in house stairs with elegant […]

Stairs/Steps | DIY Tips

A Play Room/Area for your child is really necessary? Our home is a place where we feel comfortable in many aspects, likewise our children also do. When we are about to, rent a home/apartment; buy a home/apartment, we look for no. of necessary rooms that are required to live in. […]

Child Play Room/Area | DIY Tips

Are your TV Walls in the hall/bedroom looking plain and dull? Our walls behind the Television/Home Theatre in hall area or bed rooms are generally left idle which looks dull. Now-a-days the designers are giving simple wooden frames/cabinets to these walls. DIY TIP here is that we can paint the […]

TV Walls | DIY Tips

Interior Precast Concrete Products: As discussed previously about Exterior Precast Concrete Products now let’s discuss about Interior Precast Concrete Products. These interior products are of limited range when compared to that of exterior products. It may be lack of knowledge upon these products, not many people/customers tend to have precast […]

Interior Precast Concrete Products

Interiors itself mean ‘begin within; inside of anything.’ It is also said that ‘An interior is the natural projection of one’s Soul.’ In the context of our home/house where we live in Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen are the major portions of Interiors. It is a place for everything and everything can […]