Exteriors means outer; being on the outer side. Also known as Out Doors!

Here in our context Out Doors, comprise of Landscaping, Parking Areas, Play Areas, Compound Walls, Lawns and so on. Generally we see an opposite environment for Exteriors than Interiors. I mean to say Interiors were and are always Beautiful, Rich, Elegant, Colorful, Architectural and Extra-Ordinary; But Exteriors are Routine, Boring and Sober. There are people who go for better exteriors too.

It all depends upon the interests of the individual. Even my house has less importance to exteriors than interiors. That is what, the way we look and feel at out doors should change, maybe we cannot dominate the interiors but when compared it can be a way better. Because whenever our guests step into our premises their first sight of notice are exteriors, so let’s concentrate on out doors of our homes/buildings. But we can notice a competition for exterior architectural designs now-a-days, which is a path breaking in this segment other than having the same out door designs.

Out Doors should be well maintained, as the change in weather conditions affect a lot. Right from the building materials we use to that of the products, need to have a check on their longevity. Try to maintain Greenery wherever required. Today pollution levels have increased more from many forms so have more plants and trees than just sticking to the minimal requirement. There are plenty and wide range of plants available in the market, go more green.

To conclude, these are our brief words about Exteriors. In Future, we will be discussing about Building Materials and Products in detail. Thank You and Visit Again.

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