Real Estate Now-Then


Real Estate means a Real Property, especially Land; that is a property or piece of land along with its immovable properties of nature such as Water, Minerals, Crops and if any Buildings on it. Professionally it is understood as Buying, Selling or Renting the above mentioned properties.

If understood about its core meaning, we can move on to our topic ‘Real Estate Now and Then’ that is how the Real Estate was a decade ago and how it is at present, today?


Previously that is may be a decade ago, it was in boom and the actual process was majorly offline. There used to be agents and through the agents, entire process went smooth. But every agent charges for the services. Again they have tie ups with the builders and contractors. There were times where these agents played as syndicate and fix up the prices.


Even till today it is in boom but actually the prices are touching the sky. Now-a-days its process is through online, we don’t say that offline process is dead entirely but there exists the offline process also in some places. Through this online process everything is exhibited to the customer and lets customer to decide other than depending upon agents.


Here comes a vast change in terms of marketing and today, this marketing is more over digitized. Role of online marketing is increasing day by day. There are many websites/blogs that exhibits the necessary information about real estate news and also their niche. It is very helpful to both buyer and seller because they can compare and act accordingly.

Even the registration processes have been implemented through online methods. In this way both the buyer and seller are able to validate easily. Also people, who are looking for renting a commercial/residential property, can have enough information online and they even get the necessary details to compare and make a decision.

Our main intension here is to brief about Real Estate and how its process has been changed over years. Henceforth concluding our very first post upon Real Estate and many more postings are yet to come.

Thank You.

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