Stairs/Steps | DIY Tips

Renovate/Decorate your stairs/steps, simply!

A duplex concept or a villa is definitely a dream house/home for everyone. There exists interior stairs/steps for these types of houses. If your existing stairs are looking old, you can renovate/decorate them with this simple tip.

DIY TIP, Decorate your in house stairs with elegant carpets and designer paints. You can get help of your architect/designer for customized designs.

There are many carpets available in the market, one can select as per their taste and need. These carpets can be laid in the middle area of the steps/stairs, leaving the sides apart. Also the carpet can be laid throughout the stairs. But before you buy them, please get the exact measurements. Try to sync the carpet deigns or colors with your house/home interiors.


Apart from the carpets, one can also get the stairs painted with number of designs such as floral, animals, scenic, greenery and so on. Try to keep the designs simple, don’t over design. Even the combination of color paints will also do and sync these colors with your house/home interiors. Your house interior designer/architect can guide you in this regard. Hope this tip is helpful.

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